André Guilbault, former president of Health Profile Bo-Cor inc., is the
pioneer of Mag International. In 2000, he asked his chemist to develop a product for deoxidizing his own boat. The results were so successful that he decided, with his son Marc-André, to market the product and develop other products for boat maintenance.

Upon his death in 2005 some loyal customers feared a lack in the
customer service quality. His son, Marc-André Guilbault, as the new
president, show them wrong. His father showed his son that customer
service always has been a priority. With his experience, Marc-André
Guilbault followed his father foot steps in terms of excellent customer
service and care about the environment while doing business. 

Today, he wants to honor his late father. Loyal customers and new
customer stills continue to have efficient products and excellent customer

André Guilbault

André Guilbault
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